A lot of people think that programs funded by the Lilly Endowment are "well off" and don't need donations. The truth is, Lilly money runs out, and ours is doing just that! So we both need and delight to receive your donations—of money, talent, time, prayer, and anything else you can think to give.

Donate to Pastori Fido

Monetary Donations

Pastori Fido is a registered non-profit, so all monetary donations to us are tax deductible. If you're looking to make a monetary donation, you may of course simply donate directly using our Donate button at the bottom of every page. If you donate this way, our accounting department will send you a receipt for tax filing within a few days. 

If you'd rather donate indirectly, we have accounts with Amazon Smile and Goodshop. With these programs, you can give money to Pastori Fido just by doing your usual online shopping. There's no extra charge to you; the shops simply give us a small percentage of whatever purchases you make when you're buying through the Amazon Smile or Goodshop websites. If you've never used either of these services to support an organization before, you can read more about how they work here and here.

Talent Donations

As you can probably tell from this website, Pastori Fido is a pretty talent-intensive project. We are in constant need of pro bono work from illustrators, graphic designers, audio/video editors, animators, etc. If you've got any talent you think we could use, please send us an email with an explanation of your interest and a link to your online portfolio and we'll get in touch with you.

Time Donations

Just about any Catholic—laypeople included—can make a small donation of time that will help us build our free online resources. Just click the link to find out the many ways that's possible.

We're also eager to hear your feedback on the resources we produce: To that end, there are comment boxes at the bottom of all our video, audio, and text resource pages. Please use them! We welcome both positive and critical feedback that will help us serve you better.

Finally, share our resources: Pastors, tell your parishioners about us. Parishioners, tell your pastors. The more both preachers and lay listeners know about us, the better our resources and services will be. Connecting with us on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribing to our channels on YouTube and SoundCloud, are great ways to spread the word about our work and to support strong Catholic preaching.

Pray for Us!

Not just for us here at Pastori Fido, but for all Catholic clergy and lay listeners of preaching, that together we will build a strong, pervasive, and enduring culture of preaching in the Catholic Church!