What's with your name?

"Pastori Fido" is Latin for "I have faith in the shepherd", "I trust in the shepherd", or "I believe in the shepherd"—take your pick, because "fido" means all those things. We chose this name because it communicates something important about all the parties to our ministry:

All of us, clergy and laity alike, put our faith in the Good Shepherd, Christ Jesus.

Laity put their trust in their preachers, who imitate the Good Shepherd in their pastoral work.

We here at Pastori Fido believe in the ability of Catholic pastors to deliver powerful Gospel preaching—consistently, every day.

And finally, "Pastori Fido" gave us an obvious name for the dog. ;-)


What's with the dog(s)?

His name is Fido. He's a King Shepherd. Get it?

We're Dominicans, which in Latin is "Dominicanes": Domini = of the Lord, canes = dogs. So Dominicans are commonly referred to (affectionately) as "God's dogs". We even call ourselves that.

Additionally, there's a famous Dominican legend involving a dog: When St. Dominic's mother, Blessed Joan of Aza, was still pregnant with Dominic, she had a dream in which she gave birth to a dog carrying a torch in its mouth. Years later, St. Dominic became a great preacher and founder of the Order of Preachers (i.e., the Dominicans). So, today, Blessed Joan's dream is interpreted as a kind of prophecy that her son would be a dog of the Lord—a "Domini-cane"—who would carry the fire of the holy Word into the world through preaching.


Is your website just for Dominicans?

Goodness, no! We design our resources to be helpful to parish preachers—both priests and deacons—but anyone who finds them useful is welcome to them. Hopefully, we will soon have resources for lay lectors as well.


How come my donation receipt came from the Aquinas Institute?

First, thank you for donating! :-)

To your question: Pastori Fido is an outreach ministry of the Delaplane Initiative for Preaching Excellence at the Aquinas Institute of Theology in St. Louis, Missouri. Since we're not a separate organization, we use the Aquinas Institute's non-profit status to get you a tax deduction on your donation, and the Institute's accounting department handles all our donations. This keeps things simple for us, which is important considering we operate on a very small budget.


How will my donation to Pastori Fido be used?

All donations through our website, Amazon Smile, or Goodshop accounts are marked "Pastori Fido", so they will be used only to support Pastori Fido's resource development. If you're wondering what specific resources we would use a particular donation for, contact us and we'll be happy to tell you what we have in the pipeline (or the dream-line!) at the moment. If you're wondering whether your donation might somehow get diverted to the Aquinas Institute's general programming, then the answer is 'no', unless you specifically indicate that as your desire when you donate. If that is your desire, we'd recommend you check out the Institute's website, where you have a lot more options for donating directly to the school.

By the way, thank you for your interest in donating! :-)