Pastori Fido is partnered with the Academy of Preachers, a Christian ecumenical non-profit that "seeks to identify, network, support and inspire young people in their call to Gospel preaching". Since 2009, the Academy of Preachers has been organizing "preaching festivals" at both the local and national levels. We know we're a bunch of preaching geeks, but we think it can be said that these festivals are objectively amazing. And yes, there are Catholics there (as well as Eastern Orthodox, and of course both mainline and evangelical Protestants). Just look:


In fact, when Pope Francis heard about Archbishop Kurtz's participation in the 2016 annual festival, he sent him this:

To which the festival participants responded with this:


Suffice to say, there's some pretty awesome Catholic stuff going on at this ecumenical festival—and that's not even mentioning the preaching benefits you can draw from personal attendance. It's a seriously inspiring experience. So we here at Pastori Fido strongly encourage you to check out the Academy on their website, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.