We don't call these gatherings "conferences" or "seminars" for a very good reason: They're designed to help you learn while you get work done. Participants bring one or two unfinished homilies (or just ideas for homilies) to the workshop, where they discuss, revise, and polish the homilies together with other preachers and with expert preaching coaches. By the end of the workshop, you should have at least one very solid homily ready to deliver.

Workshops don't simply re-teach the principles covered in our free online resources. Those resources are great (if we may say so ourselves), but putting them into practice is harder than most people think: When left to apply principles on their own, different preachers will interpret "relevance" differently, draw the "me-ology" line in different places, organize ideas differently, etc. When those differences are equally effective, it's helpful for preachers to hear how other preachers think about and design homilies, because it gives them ideas for their own homilies—that's why we do workshops in groups. When those differences are not equally effective, hearing why not can dramatically change the way a preacher prepares his homilies—that's why our expert preaching coaches are always present at workshops.

Before coming to a workshop, it's very important that preachers have watched all of the How2Homily video series, as well as have at least some familiarity with our other free online resources. This basic knowledge is what allows us to spend all our workshop time helping you to master the application of the principles, rather than doing the initial teaching of them. If you've watched all the H2H videos and already started applying the principles taught there to your daily homily practice, that's even better.

Beginning January 2017, regular workshops will be offered in St. Louis at the Aquinas Institute of Theology, our home base. Given sufficient local interest, we can also bring workshops to your area at a time convenient for you. If you're eager to reserve a spot for a 2017 St. Louis workshop, or to start planning a local workshop, contact us.